Ernest Walker

“Ernest is extremely skilled. His professional/respectful facilitation style, positive/can-do demeanor, attention to detail and willingness to dig for detailed delivery make him a key asset.”

“Ernest has kept both the team and client well informed, and has promoted positive movement forward. He has been a breath of fresh air – full of enthusiasm and always conveying a very positive attitude. He is incredibly conscientious of our customers’ needs, is very knowledgeable of our capabilities. The group is very lucky to have him. He has been integral in our successes in achieving customer program and revenue growth as well as creating positive customer satisfaction!”

“Ernest was exceptional in keeping the projects (multiple) moving despite some very difficult customer circumstances. This success is not just related to the teams achieving project milestones, but he also provided a very stable nucleus to the evolving customer demands. Ernest filled a major gap when he quickly stepped in.”

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20 years’ experience in cross-functional program and project management (Waterfall and Agile), organizational development, process design, compliance assessment and product/program development for government, for-profit and non-profit entities. Consistently characterized as an investigative and supportive leader—task oriented with a consistent, calculated and fast pace. High rankings for cultural discernment and goal-adaptive behavior. A flexible, analytical and judicious hub—strategic and pragmatic thinker.

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